Ambition, Acumen and Affability

Our team here at Horatio has been together for ten years – and some of us longer than that. This provides us with an invaluable pool of real-world expertise. We combine practise with pioneering new ways of thinking to create an inspired and resourceful way of working that acts on opportunity and avoids risk in equal measure.

We offer prospects for leading, experienced individuals to collaborate, and opportunities for bright, determined graduates to start their careers in high-end, serious investing.

The following roles are available for the right person.

Graduate Trainee Scheme

We want to work with bright, hard-working, logical people, and teach them the art of successful investment.

In return, we offer over a decade’s collective experience and expertise, beautiful Somerset-based offices, practical and theoretical opportunities, and an open mind towards applicants.

This position is open to graduates with business and finance-related backgrounds. Ultimately, we value a logical brain and dedication to working hard and learning.

This internship is a paid opportunity at £30,000.