About Adam

CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd

Adam is an entrepreneur and investor with a wealth of experience and expertise. At his core, he’s a problem solver with a passion for building successful businesses.

His current role as CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd, the private investment company he created in 2010, is built on 20 years of investment experience. He’s experienced all parts of the investment life cycle because he learned on the job from the ground up. He was 26 when Hargreaves Lansdown invested in his business idea.

Since then:

  • Adam grew his company at over 50% per annum, making it the biggest seller of pensions in the UK
  • Floated the company on the London Stock Exchange
  • Created Horatio Investments Ltd, a private investment company focusing on young-but-profitable businesses

He also invests strategically in areas of personal interest, such as Formula 1, equine sports and commercial property.

Adam intrinsically understands what it is like to run a start-up because he’s been there. His ability to help businesses in that stage learn, grow and succeed is a deeply valuable asset here at Horatio.

He’s a formally trained mechanical engineer, but his real learning came from spending ten years at Hargreaves Lansdown, helping his son become a world champion in motor sport and forging the UK’s most successful listed private investment business.