Family Office Investing in Early-Stage Businesses and Venture Funds

Horatio Investments is a single family office established in 2010, with £100 million currently under management.

We invest in both venture capital funds and directly as business angels. As angel investors, we provide seed funding for start-ups and early-stage businesses based in the UK.  Since 2010, we have invested in 19 different companies across numerous different sectors but our main interest is in funding businesses in the financial services industry.

We are looking for new financial services entrepreneurs to invest in.  We’re looking for high achievers, with the drive to make their business the market leader.  If you think you fit the bill and can clearly explain your business and the plans for its growth – then we would love to talk.

Investing in early-stage high-growth businesses.

We’re looking to invest in businesses that show clear signs of high-growth potential.  The product/service must solve genuine problems faced by the target consumer or demonstrate substantial improvements over current solutions.  The amount of money we have invested into each deal in the past has been up to £500k, but we are more than happy to invest more in businesses that we like the look of.

£100 million available to invest in great entrepreneurs

We invest our own money (not someone else’s) and as a result, we can make quick decisions regarding your businesses both pre and post-investment.  Unlike many business angels, we also offer further funding to portfolio companies that impress us.

£6 million already invested, in 19 UK businesses

We are experienced angel investors who can guide you through the investment process professionally and empathically.  With offices in London & the South West, we are happy to work with businesses based all across the UK.

Mentorship and Support Available from a team of Financial Services Experts

We’ve created a multi-million pound pensions business from scratch, we’ve run large financial sales teams, we’ve worked with numerous FTSE 100 corporations, we’ve sold multi-million pound financial services deals and we’ve worked as successful financial advisers.  We understand the financial services industry better than most and we can offer unrivalled support and networking to businesses in this area.

Chris Griffiths

“Horatio isn’t a normal angel investor. They’re made up of a successful team of entrepreneurs, so they know what it takes to make a business work. Their fresh and motivational approach has allowed me to focus on what’s really important, my business and the people involved in it.”

Chris Griffiths
Sam Gould

“Horatio has been key to securing needed cash flow.  Their investment and support has been invaluable to us in stimulating faster growth.”

Sam Gould
Total Students
Will Akerman

“To me the best thing about Horatio as an investor is their belief in the people they back – all investors talk about doing that, but Horatio deliver. Their founder’s experience in growing a billion pound business is a great reference point for anyone who has that kind of ambition. Their ongoing mentorship and advice has also been extremely useful. I would happily recommend them to other ambitious entrepreneurs.”

Will Akerman
Charles Sincock

“Horatio are anything but ‘another investor’.  Having worked in Private Equity previously I was fairly well prepared for their initial questions and latterly their due diligence process.  What I wasn’t prepared for was their speed of execution and decisive nature.  I was treated fairly and honestly at all stages of the investment process. Horatio’s approach and common sense has made me confident that they were the right investors to work with.”

Charles Sincock
UK Woodland Products
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